“….Lengthen the spine from the base up through the top of
the  head.
Relax the shoulder blades down the back.
Release the lower jaw and soften the mouth.

The practice of yoga is about calming the mind. It’s about the connection of body, breath and spirit, in this mat-studymoment. The yoga poses strengthen and create flexibility in the body. The breathing practices help to calm the mind. However, we are not all the same body or mind.

Would you like to learn more about yoga with the focus on your individual needs and  abilities? Would you like to learn techniques that tone, build strength and improve flexibility in an environment that provides you the opportunity to progress at your own pace? Develop your own yoga practice with a certified and experienced yoga teacher.

I specialize in group and more affordable private yoga lessons. My goal is to aid new participants in learning proper alignment and active yoga practitioners in the development of their personal yoga practice, to support individuals recovering from minor injuries, and to provide a more personalized approach to learning about the holistic benefits of yoga.

Join me in the exploration of yoga. Group and private lessons available.

For more information about yoga classes and private lessons ~
Please contact Meichelle at 443-371-3402, send an email to meichelle.norwood@gmail.com or visit the Yoga Class Info, Yoga Class Descriptions and Events pages.

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